Robbie Williams is planning to launch an art exhibition once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Over a decade after first taking up the hobby, the former Take That star is planning his first proper art show, after sharing his latest "isolation work" on ­social media.

"There are some in the garage that are much bigger and are done with actual paint," he told fans while showing off several colourful pieces during an Instagram Live broadcast. "So I'm going to be doing an exhibition."

The Angels hitmaker has been painting in his home garage since 2010, and started ­creating abstract art to prove anyone can do it, after being inspired by notorious British street artist Banksy.

"The premise was I can't draw and I can't paint but can I create something that's arty and not s**t?" he said. "(It's) something to concentrate on. Art is good for my mind."

The themes in Robbie's work vary, with the star explaining one piece, called Acid House, features ­drawings of flying penises.

"It's like punk," he said.

The big plans come after the 46-year-old star said he believes he battled coronavirus while holed up in an Airbnb rental property down the road from his family's mansion in Los Angeles. He chose to keep his distance from wife Ayda Field, 40, and their four children because he felt "lethargic, tired and heavy".