Charli XCX wants fans to send her videos of themselves self-isolating to create a music video for her new single Forever.

The British popstar is creating a new album while on lockdown at home and released its first track this week.

In a post on Twitter, the Boom Clap hitmaker requested clips from her followers to help create a music video, asking them to send in footage of them walking around their home, still shots from their bedroom window, shots of themselves holding a sentimental object, and video of them dancing or performing a talent, as well as clips of pets.

"I want to make a music video for forever and i need ur helppp (heart emoji) if u want to be involved in the video please follow the instructions in the document below and send clips to," Charli tweeted.

She also asked fans to film themselves hugging or kissing someone they're self-isolating with, as well as their favourite clips from the past that they'd kept on their phone.

The star did, however, ask her fans to observe some stringent criteria when shooting their clips, stating that they should be shot in landscape or horizontally, should be no longer than 30 seconds, must obtain permission from those shown, and should be submitted by Sunday.

Charli plans to release the full album she's creating from self-isolation, which is provisionally titled How I'm Feeling Now, on 15 May.