The 29-year-old star's mother Vera Sahatciu - who is a psychiatrist - has returned to the frontline to help stop mental health and perinatal patients from being exposed to the respiratory illness.

Opening up on her mum's work, Rita told Extra: "I think every day for her is a risk... I get a bit fearful and say, 'If you don't feel up to it you can stay home...'

"She feels obliged as a doctor to go and lend her services... I check in and say, 'How are you feeling? Please keep your distance...'

"It's scary, but for her she believes in God and faith... She really is a hero for me."

The 'I Will Never Let You Down' hitmaker discussed her mum's current role, and admitted the family are getting used to "a different way of living".

She added: "People are coming in sick more than ever, especially the elderly. My mother's been pushed forward.
"She's actually a psychiatrist and so for her to have to rush to the emergency is not obviously her day-to-day thing, so as you can see they are that desperate to have all different types of doctors helping from all over...

"[My mum] comes home, takes her clothes off, jumps straight into the shower. It's a different way of living for right now. It's nice to also be able to help; I have volunteered."

Meanwhile, Rita and her sister Elena are among those who have offered to help support elderly and vulnerable people affected by the crisis.

Vera recently said: "She's very keen to do her bit.

"She and her older sister Elena are among the 750,000 people who have applied to help out and prevent this illness coming through our door and overwhelming the NHS.

"They'll be among the people who deliver medical supplies, collect prescriptions, check on the elderly and make phone calls to lonely and vulnerable members of the community."