The 34-year-old multi Latin Grammy-winner has revealed he's the "biggest fan" of the 'Toosie Slide' rapper and he aspires to be an inspiration to the world through his music and his "social impact”.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on FaceTime for Apple Music, he said: "My dream is just, I want to be a living legend.
"I do. I want to inspire people while I'm alive.

"Listen, to me, man, a legend is someone that really inspires the world. "Someone that inspires, that you want to be like.

"Like, 'Yeah, I want to be like that guy. He did a great job.'

"And normally, to me, legends have a social impact too, that goes beyond music.

"It's like full vibe with your personality, they vibe with way you think, with your thoughts.

Professing his love for the 33-year-old hip-hop star, he added: "To me, Drake is a legend. He has broken a lot of records, and I think he keeps it real.

"I haven't had the opportunity to talk to him, but he looks like a great guy.
"I haven't met him and I haven't even talked to him. Never in my life.
"And you know what? I'm one of his biggest fans, straight up."

The 'RITMO' hitmaker has already inspired his collaborators The Black Eyed Peas. and co recently revealed they "learned" a lot from working with him on the 'Bad Boys For Life' soundtrack.
The 'Where Is the Love?' hitmaker said: "It feels great.

"We've had a long career, so to come back with a global smasher like this with J Balvin, this is fresh.

"It just feels really, really, really fantastic. We're learning from each other and helping each other out."

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