Jessie Reyez FaceTimes Ebro Darden on Apple Music to take a deep dive into her new album, BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US, let listeners in on the inspiration behind deep cuts like "Deaf", "Roof", "Same Side", how she’s coping during lockdown, polling social media to decide whether or not to move ahead with releasing her album, working with Eminem and more.

On How COVID-19 Affected Her Album Release Plans…

I was mad close to postponing it. There’s two reasons, 1) I was going real heavy on promotions about a week ago. And it felt weird. I told my team, and they were like yo listen, there’s people that are waiting for it but if your soul isn’t behind you we understand. Shout out to social media, I know there’s more people out there in bad situations, so I asked them if I should hold off or not and I did on of those polls and it was like 97% was to drop it. And the whole idea behind the album was to trick people into seeing their mortality. If you get that you’ll be more authentic. I realized the world doesn’t need a trigger, now it’s like a theme song because everyone already has that trigger.

On How She’s Navigating Through her Emotions…

I feel like I’d be lying if I knew how to navigate that, there’s still baggage I’m dealing with daily. I’m still learning how to navigate that. I’m still learning to handle the situation so I don’t get depressed again. It’s not healthy. And it’s just a reflection of what I went through. I never learned how to love with boundaries. Either I love you whole heartedly or I don’t rock with you at all. I don’t know how to not ride or die once I love.

On Eminem Contributing To Her Album…

No that’s just him coming through and being consistent. We just got that in this year…we never brought that up the first time we walked. It’s just crazy that I got to work with him on my first album. He’s just been supportive — he pulled through.