Zac Efron will always be indebted to Leonardo DiCaprio for the guidance the Oscar winner gave him over breakfast at the start of his career.

The two stars met at a basketball game and DiCaprio invited Efron to his house for pancakes the following morning.
In a new interview for web series Hot Ones, Zac reveals he turned up with "a billion questions" and a pack of paparazzi on his tail.

"It was awesome," Efron says. "I had a billion questions for him at that point. Definitely dealing with too much paparazzi presence in my life. And sitting next to Leo I was just like, 'Dude, how have you handled this for so long?' And he was like, 'Frankly, you're getting it a little bit different'.

"He was like, 'Yeah, there's never this many cars (of paparazzi) here... That's insane dude'. And I saw in his eyes a little bit of the feeling that I consistently was having all the time, which was just stress and anxiety. And he was like, 'Don't worry about it, man. You're good'."

The young star, who was still reeling from the success of High School Musical, admits Leo's words meant a lot to him.

"I really appreciate that he took that time," he adds. "He made me feel good about it, helped me a little bit. That's the biggest hand you can extend if you're in Hollywood, looking out for somebody younger.

"So rock on, Leo. Thank you, buddy."