The pop star's follow-up to her 2017 self-titled debut was Spotify's most streamed album in a day (or first day) by a British female artist globally, in the UK, and US, upon its release.

To mark the feat, Dua has unveiled the 'Future Nostalgia Experience' with the streaming service, which features never-seen-before content, including "exclusive video content and visuals that give a deeper look into the tracks and inspiration behind them in Dua's own words".

There are also custom looping visuals for each track and much more.

The 'Cool' singer has given fans an insight into the process of making the record, and revealed that the song 'Levitating' was key in getting the record off the ground.

She explained: “‘Levitating’ was the first track on the record that helped all the people around me really understand what I was making.

"Every time I kept going ‘okay the album title is ‘Future Nostalgia,’ I think it took the people on my team a little while to understand where I was going with it.

"‘Levitating’ was the first song that really had everybody on the same page.”

Whilst she said 'Hallucinate' is the song she can't wait to play at festivals.

She said: “When making ‘Hallucinate,’ I knew this would be my festival track. Normally when I write, I imagine what it would be like to perform the song at a festival, and that helps me decide what songs I’m going to put on the record.”

On her personal favourite song from the album, she added: “‘Love Again’ is one of my favorite songs on the record, it’s quite dramatic. "I didn’t write this about anyone, but manifesting it, someone gave along and gave it meaning.”