The 'How To Be Lonely' singer has spoken about how her fans can expect a totally different experience on her follow-up to 2018's 'Phoenix' and she has revealed that her desire to experiment came from wanting to push boundaries with her art.

She told “People have been coming to studio sessions from all over the world.

"I’ve been working on this now for the past two year on-and-off.
"I have plans for this third album to be something I’ve never done before and I really want to experiment and come face-to-face with a bit of a challenge.

"So there are writers I’ve never worked with before and live instrumentation.”

The 'Hot Right Now' singer admitted that there is "more pressure" on artists because people demand music all the time because of streaming.

She explained: “When I started it was deals, and then development deals, and then you wait to see what happens.
"The difference now is that people don’t have the patience to wait to see what happens because of the internet and the streaming.

"Everything moves so fast that if you don’t catch the wave, then you sort of missed a chance.
"It’s definitely more pressure.

"That’s the reality because you have people putting out songs in their living rooms in the middle of nowhere. It’s more independent than it used to be.”

Speaking recently about the music video for ‘How To Be Lonely’, which was helmed by David Meyers - the man behind Britney Spears' 'Lucky' and Billie Eilish's 'Bad Guy' promos - she said: "It was a really smart move that Dave wanted to make a video full of metaphors.

"The face-ripping is me shedding skin with the new album coming up - it's completely different [from what I've done before].

She added that the scene of her surrounding by eggs with a yolk in the middle, is "a symbol of walking around somebody you thought you knew, feeling like you're on eggshells because you can feel it coming to an end."

The 'Fifty Shades Freed' actress laughed that she got yolk in "places I can't say out loud".
She added: "But you know me, ​I'll do anything for the art!"
The 29-year-old singer recently shared how the song helped her to overcome a break-up.

Rita - who previously dated the likes of Calvin Harris and Ricky Hil - recently split from movie star Jude Law's son Rafferty.

She said: "It was based off me, after a break-up, and I thought: 'Gosh, I'm all by myself. This sucks, this is awful'.
"And then this song came about and then I thought, 'Wow, this really makes sense' because it made me feel better."