Perrie Edwards no longer suffers from panic attacks after learning techniques to help her deal with her crippling anxiety.

Last year, the 26-year-old singer hit headlines when she shared a lengthy Instagram post revealing her mental health struggles.

However, in a new interview with the BBC, the Little Mix star shared that while she's now managed to curb the panic attacks, dealing with her anxiety is more of a long-term battle.

"Touch wood, the panic attacks have stopped, but anxiety is quite hard to shift, so you've got to try and find coping mechanisms, rather than thinking you'll get rid of it," she said. "Therapy has helped; and so has figuring out the things that trigger my anxiety and trying to avoid those situations somehow. And if not, just try to keep calm and breathe."

Perrie also noted that she found it difficult to get up on stage and perform with Little Mix after suffering an attack or extreme bout of anxiety.

And she finds it increasingly "frustrating" that mental illness isn't recognised as being as debilitating as a physical one.

"It's the worst thing in the world," the 26-year-old added. "It's quite frustrating, 'cos if someone broke their leg, you wouldn't say, 'Oh, just get on stage and perform, you're fine.' But because you can't see anxiety, it's a mental illness, people don't necessarily believe in it as much."