Like many, the 'New Rules' hitmaker is feeling "anxious and emotional" during the health crisis, and she has explained that because she can't promote her second album properly, she is getting creative with other content she will share with her fans.

According to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, she said: "I've been anxious and emotional during this whole period.

"What I wanted to do with the album was create different dimensions and a new world.

"The current situation, with coronavirus, means I can't do performances or TV or promotion, so I have to make the songs feels special in different ways.

"Create a world around it."

Dua's tour has been rescheduled until 2021 as a result of the virus, and her record will now arrive early on March 27.

The 24-year-old pop star has described the songs - which are inspired by the likes of 90s stars Jamiroquai and Moloko - as "relentless" and said she had a lot of "fun" paying homage to the artists she's influenced by.

She continued: "I spent about two years, I worked backwards because I knew what the title was going to be, then I worked solidly for nine months after I figure out the title.

"They are all fun dance songs, it's quite relentless.

"Jamiroquai and Moloko and Prince and Blondie, all this stuff has been such fun to reference."

Dua - whose album was leaked early online - drops the new single 'Break My Heart' today (25.03.20) and she has teased the song 'Love Again' is "dramatic" and a “manifestation”.

She spilled: "I really loved making 'Love Again', it's the most kind of dramatic with the strings in it.

"It feels fun and honest. It was a manifestation."

The 'Hotter Than Hell' singer also opened up about how she never considered another career as a backup if music didn't work out, because she wouldn't have "worked as hard" to get to where she is.

She said: "I never wanted to give myself a plan B.

"I felt like If I did I would never work as hard as I did to try and get to where I am.

"Then I felt I had something to fall back on. I stick by that.

"You should put all your focus into what you love, being out of your comfort zone is really important.

"You give yourself no way out and so you end up getting there in some way, shape or form."