The Black Crowes frontman insisted the group won't be turning down the volume at their upcoming shows and he insisted issues with his senses are just part of the job.

He told MOJO magazine: "These days it's all ear monitors and no sound on stage. Rich has his amps loud and I want that.

"Y'know, if you play pro sports, you're gonna get a knee injury some time. I don't care if I f***ing lose my hearing.
"I've been in a f***ing rock band my whole life and that's part of the s**t."

His brother and bandmate, guitarist Richard Robinson, added: "They're trying to make the music controllable, which is antithetical to what rock and roll is."

The brothers have reunited following five years of estrangement and the guitarist admitted the relationship between them is still "precarious" so they felt it was important to bring a new line-up into the band.

He said of their early reunion talks: "We were both, right off the bat, 'No one from the past in the band'.

"It's still precarious between us - you throw a bunch of that old s**t around, entrenched patterns of behaviour, and it's just gonna trigger again."

After the group split, Chris privately sought therapy and has found it "unimaginably beneficial".

He admitted: "I've been in therapy with the same therapist for the past eight or nine years and it has been unimaginably beneficial in my life.

"I was hurt and resentful. I was in a failure of a marriage and I was depressed.

"I needed to find who I was outside of the lead singer of a rock band. I needed a complete dismantling of everything. I wanted to live another dream."