The 'Pass Out' hitmaker - who has dropped his second name and now wishes to be referred to as just Tinie - has just released new song 'Top Winners' with Not3s, and revealed he is hoping to get another rapper like "Aitch or Fredo" to lay down some verses on his track with the 'Cats' star before it’s released.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, Tinie, who made a quip about 'Cats' being a flop at the box office, spilled: “It’s an earworm.

“On a personal level I have a lot of respect for how resilient Jason Derulo is as an artist.

“He sits in a pop lane, it’s a feat to do that for so long.

“He is going to do a video for it [the new track] and it was sounding great until 'Cats' came out!"

He added: “We want to put someone else on there, like an Aitch or Fredo, someone who can give it more street cred."

Speaking of his comeback with 'Top Winners’ - which is produced by Banx & Ranx - he said in a press release: "I made this record with Not3s because it's about a 'Winners' mindset and mentality.

"Having that outlook has kept us focused – it's the reason I am where I am, and the reason Not3s is where he is.
"It's all about striving to achieve more and continue to do better for yourself."

The 31-year-old star became a father in 2018, when he welcomed a daughter - whose name he has kept private - and Tine is planning on dedicating a song to his little girl in the future.

He told the tabloid: “The song for the baby is coming ... I still haven’t found the right beat or beautiful words.
"I need to sound like my voice is going to croak on the song as well.”