The 25-year-old rap star has teamed up with Pharrell for her new album 'Suga', and Megan has admitted to relishing the experience of working with the hip-hop veteran. Buy tickets below.

She told CRWN magazine: "He's a legend, so when I got in there - I never got produced like that before. I went in the booth and started rapping. And he's literally on the outside still making a beat and I didn't know that's a thing that you would do.

"He already has the foundation of the beat. I start writing to it. And I go in the booth, and I might freestyle it a little bit. We just keep playing with it like that. As I'm saying stuff that he like, he add new stuff to the beat. I'm like, 'That's really crazy.'"

Pharrell was similarly impressed with Megan's work ethic, calling her "Meg Thee Machine".

The 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker added: "For like three days, we bang out at least two-three songs everyday."

Meanwhile, Megan previously claimed she was "shy" during her younger years.

However, rapping helped the music star to develop her self-confidence.

She explained: "Believe it or not, I used to be a little shy.

"I never wanted anybody to know that I could even rap. Even when I got to college and I told my best friend I could rap, she'll be like, 'OK. Well, then rap.' She wanted me to rap and I wouldn't do it.

"But then we went to a kickback and I just started rapping ... I was confident in myself, but I didn't really know how people would react to how I thought about myself on the inside."

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