The 48-year-old singer has confessed his favourite thing about visiting the UK is the classic combination of scones and tea, though he has caught himself in the ongoing debate of whether to apply cream or jam first. Buy tickets below.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Today I had scones, clotted cream.

"But this is a question that I have, so if I get - My scone is warm, can I put butter AND clotted cream? Because that's what I like to do. Butter, clotted cream, and then a little jelly on top."

Despite his scone dilemma, the 'Holding On' hitmaker is focusing on the release of his upcoming record 'All Rise' next month, and has been looking to Nat King Cole for inspiration.

When asked who are his main influences, he said: "I just came out of the bathroom, and there's a gorgeous picture. A huge picture of Nat King Cole. He's been my childhood idol, my musical mentor, and the subject of my recent record before the new one that's coming. But that record was 'Nat King Cole and Me', the story of how I came to Nat's music in the absence of my father. So, Nat King Cole."

What's more, Gregory intends to communicate "soulfullness" with his music and through his podcast by being "real" to his fans and friends.

He explained: "I think what I'm trying to communicate with my podcast as well as with my music is just soulfulness and coming from a place of real. And I'm trying to do that when I'm talking to somebody or if I'm singing to an audience of a sold out Royal Albert Hall... It's the same thing in a way".

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