Paramore singer Hayley Williams has come to realise her depression was caused by "misplaced anger".

The star spoke about her battle with mental health issues during an interview with The Guardian, and confessed one of her "biggest healing moments" came when she addressed the root of the issue.

"One of my biggest healing moments was realising that a lot of my depression was misplaced anger," she shared. "I really forced it inward, on myself, and it made me feel shame all the time."

Hayley mused that one of her earliest memories, of the fight that instigated her young parents' divorce, played a pivotal role in her later years.

"They were kids," she said. "They made a mistake. It's not really something to be angry at. But when I did some therapy, I realised I was four years old and I thought it was my fault."

The Airplanes hitmaker subsequently learned to channel the anger positively, and discovered taking ownership of her emotions "helped me understand things that happened throughout my life that weren't right."

The star added that connecting with her musical peers and forming Paramore gave her the family she "always wanted".

Hayley is now embarking on a solo music career, with her record Petals for Armor dropping in May.