Nicole Scherzinger failed to hide her annoyance as she was faced with a series of bizarre questions during a TV interview on Wednesday.

The Pussycat Dolls star appeared on Australia's The Project to talk about the group's reunion, but host Waleed Aly seemed more interested in giving the 41-year-old some very strange questions to answer, such as: "When you guys are backstage, do you guys fight over who wore the best tube tops and low rise jeans?"

While she managed a laugh, Nicole couldn't muster up a good answer, and instead plumped for a one-word "No".

Waleed then told the singer that he'd misheard the lyrics for the group's tune When I Grow Up, and thought they sang "I wanna have groupies" instead of "I wanna have boobies."

Looking somewhat puzzled by the confession, Nicole said, "Yeah, cool" dismissively, and then admitted he wasn't the only one to have misheard the lyrics at the time.

The interview got back on track when the star spoke about the Pussycat Dolls' appearance on The X Factor U.K. last year, when they attracted numerous complaints over their raunchy performance and barely-there outfits.

"We put that together in three days and those outfits were a bit provocative," she responded. "But we are women now... It takes courage to wear that stuff.

"We always do everything with confidence. We dancing hard like warriors."

Nicole's interview then came to an abrupt end with music playing as she was speaking, before cutting to a commercial break.

Following the show airing, viewers took to Twitter in their hundreds to complain about the awkward chat.

"The Project is filled with a bunch of talentless left-wing try hards that try humour when it's either inappropriate or simply not funny," one wrote, while another added: "Nicole Scherzinger was just subjected to one of the most reductive interviews I've seen on The Project."