Camila Cabello celebrated her 23rd birthday on Tuesday (03Mar20) by raising awareness about the plight of Syrian refugees.

Posting a selfie and thanking fans for their greetings, the Havana singer used her celebrity status to highlight one of the world's "worst humanitarian crises".

"ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! guys thank u for all of the birthday love, I absolutely love you guys and am so thankful for you," she captioned the snap. "for my birthday I wanna bring attention to one of the worst humanitarian crises happening in the world right now, in Syria.

"950,000 people have been forced to flee their homes because of the violence in Idlib - some with only the clothes on their backs. Most of them are children. Now, they’re living in displacement camps in freezing cold temperatures. families shouldn’t have to choose between dying from bombs or freezing cold temperatures."

Camila added: "Save the Children is working to provide displaced families with food, blankets and warmth. They are trying to keep kids (and) families safe, but they need our help. so for my birthday, it would mean the world to me if you would consider supporting Save the Children’s response to this humanitarian crisis."

She then posted a link to Save The Children's website and urged fans and followers to donate - as a gift to her.
Earlier in the day, the former Fifth Harmony star also posted her first "nude photo" on Instagram in celebration of her birthday - the shot featured the singer as a baby.