The country pop star cryptically shared the track-listing for 'Kelsea' by posting a blank white post next to the single artwork for the track 'hole in the bottle' on her social media pages, but her fans soon worked out how to edit the image to unveil the song names.

And Halsey's name is next to the track ’the other girl', whilst Kenny Chesney appears on ‘half of my hometown'.
'Graveyard’ singer Halsey also left a comment on the post, writing: "Oh you BIG SNEAK!!!!!!!!!! (sic)"

Kelsea also revealed that Ed Sheeran co-wrote the song ‘love and hate' whilst taking part in Elle's 'Song Association' challenge.

The 26-year-old singer also revealed that the record is "personal" and that she has been on a journey of "self-discovery".

Speaking of her follow-up to 2017's 'Unapologetically', she said: "I’ve never done a self-titled album before, and I think Kelsea feels personal when you don’t add in the last name.

"The album is that. It’s been a really self-discovery few years.”

Kelsea previously admitted to changing her creative process whilst making the album, which is markedly different in tone to 'Unapologetically'.

Speaking back in September, she said: "We have 10 songs done, hundreds written, and we're trying to figure what other colours and textures we need.

"There's a song with horns, a song with a string quartet, two collaborations that are polar opposites, musically. I'm just having fun."

The singer's previous album touched on a painful break-up, as well as her marriage to Morgan Evans.

However, she insisted 'Kelsea' won't have an identifiable "concept".

The 'This Feeling' singer explained: "This time, I took the pressure off having a concept and just let myself write. And I wrote like crazy. I wrote more country than I've ever written and more pop than I've ever written. We put the saddest song out first."

Meanwhile, Kelsea also revealed the inspiration behind lead single 'homecoming queen?'.

She said: "I was touring really heavily and on [social media] I was only really showing the really cool moments of my life - on stage or on a red carpet, all that kind of stuff.

"What I wasn't showing was that I was feeling really painfully insecure. So I wrote this song to say it's OK to feel what you feel, and it's also OK to share it, because we're all human. You're allowed to have a bad day, you know?"
'Kelsea' is set for release on March 20.

The track-listing for 'Kelsea' is:
1. 'overshare'
2. 'club'
3. 'homecoming queen?'
4. 'the other girl' (with halsey)
5. 'love me like a girl'
6. 'love and hate'
7. 'bragger'
8. 'hole in the bottle'
9. 'half of my hometown' (feat. kenny chesney)
10. 'the way i used to
11. 'needy'
12. 'a country song'
13. 'l.a.'