Hilary Duff continued her ongoing feud with the paparazzi by confronting a suspected photographer for taking photos of her young kid.

The Lizzie McGuire actress posted video of the confrontation on Instagram on Saturday, showing her walk up to a man on the sideline of her seven-year-old son Luca's soccer game and ask him who he's there with.

When the man told the star he was there alone, she probed him as to what he was doing at a kids' soccer game - to which he insisted "it's legal" and urged her not to "feel uncomfortable".

“I’m asking you human-to-human, as a mother, if you don’t know anyone here, would you please stop taking pictures of our children playing football,” she says in the clip.

He later offered to show the star identification, and claimed her "paranoia is unwarranted". While the man didn't confess to being paparazzi, he did claim he was "practising photography" by taking the pictures.

“Paparazzi shooting KIDS Go ‘practice’ your photography on ADULTS! Creep! Laws need to change! This is stalking minors! Disgusting!” Duff wrote in the caption alongside the video.

The A Cinderella Story star previously hit out at three paparazzi photographers for following her and her two children around back in December, revealing in an Instagram clip at the time: "Here I am just trying to get around with both my kids, and I have paparazzi following me everywhere I go.

"Two grown men. Three of them, actually, one of them is running away across the street. Just following me and my kids to every location I go to."