The South Korean boyband released 'Map of the Soul: 7' earlier this month and the chart-topping group have explained their ambition behind the record, saying that in some ways, it reflects the band's journey in the music business. Buy tickets below.

Rapper RM told Billboard: "Love is not always about the good things.

"When we love something or somebody, it's like admitting, recognising all the history that someone or something's got. It could be shades and shadows, maybe some dark sides. So yeah, it's basically a love song for our career."
RM also discussed the album's lead single, 'On'.

He said: "[It is about how] we might face some shadows or maybe disasters even from now on, but we already admitted these as part of ourselves. It's like a big statement and a manifesto that we're going to carry on."

BTS are now firmly established as one of the world's most popular groups.

Singer V explained that over the last few years, he has "learned the importance of what's actually important and what's really precious".

The music star - whose group formed in Seoul in 2010 - added: "I learned that [BTS] are really important and precious people.

"I didn't know any of these people, but seven, eight years that we've been living together, we've been together, I've learned that these are very important and precious people for me."

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