Band members Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland recorded the stripped back renditions of 'Cry Cry Cry', 'BrokEn' and 'Champion of the World' from their acclaimed LP 'Everyday Life’ for the mini album.

The frontman and guitarist teamed up with long-time collaborators Rik Simpson, Dan Green, and Bill Rahko to produce the EP, sans bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion.

And the 'Paradise' hitmakers have also given fans an insight into the recording process in the studio.

In the trailer for the accompanying short, Chris quipped: "Today we tried to strip back some of these songs which were already quite stripped back.

"We did that by removing two band members."

Meanwhile, the musician recently admitted he "doesn't really understand" Coldplay's new songs.

The 42-year-old singer and his bandmates have decided not to tour 'Everyday Life' due to environmental concerns, and he's also doing very little to promote the record as he doesn't really know what to say.

He said: "We're not touring and we're not really talking and not doing anything normal.

"This album feels like we have to just release it into the world and let it fend for itself.

"Because a lot of these songs came from a place I don't really understand, and other reasons too, it's just not tourable yet.

"We're trying to wait to tour until we can figure out the environmental side of things."

The 'Orphans' hitmaker has deliberately avoided reading any of the reactions to either the record or the group's decision not to tour.

He added: "I stayed in a real cocoon cos I feel super-focused and super on a mission of some sort.

"This time I'm not even aware of any reaction or any result ... nothing, cos I feel a very strong calling to be doing a certain thing.

"It's always been there but maybe because the way the world is it's been bubbling extra hard, extra-strong, like, 'OK, this is what we're supposed to be doing, let's head this way.' "

'The Coldplay: Reimagined EP' and short film is available now on Apple Music only.