The 30-year-old star - who is the lead singer of the award-winning band - has revealed he was brought up on stage by the chart-topping group to play bass with them.

Speaking to Apple Music, Matt recalled: "I played with Green Day once.

"So I was like 13 and they did that thing where they get kids up on stage. And I was at the front and then I got up and played bass with them."

Matt actually recalled the incident to the band years later - but they were not interested.

He said: "I told them the whole story and they weren't remotely interested. So yeah ..."

"But it was like winning the lottery or striking rich at the casino."

Meanwhile, Matt recently announced his band plans to make a "Matty record" and a "George record", in honour of himself and fellow member George Daniel.

The duo plan to team up in the future to produce two albums that reflect their own personal styles.

Matty said: "I think that [The 1975 is] a constantly evolving thing.

"I think that there's an obvious end to an era with 'Music for Cars', just because like we've come to the end of a decade. Like culture is moving. Like, The 1975 has to be a slightly different thing in like, I don't know what, like two years, you know. I mean it's, it just will naturally be.

"So me figuring out what that is, there's lots of stuff that we're gonna do. The 1975 doesn't really operate without each other. So I mean I'm not like giving people excuses.

"Like one thing that I know that we're gonna do is that I'm doing a Matty record and George is doing a George record. And we're gonna produce each other's records."