The 'Birthday' singer doesn't want to search for love on apps like Tinder, as she'd much rather meet a potential partner face-to-face to see if there's actually a spark there.

Asked about the concept of online dating, she told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Never, ever, ever. It scares the s**t out of me, those things.

"I've just never wanted to go on them. I have to meet people because I'm such an energy person. I feel I can tell if someone's evil or not."

The 28-year-old star joked she'd like to sign up for celebrity dating app Raya - if only because she thinks she'd confuse the other famous faces on the platform.

She quipped: "Is that the famous one? No I'm not on that, that would be quite funny though. They'd be like, 'Who the f**k is that?'"

Meanwhile, Anne-Marie recently revealed she was told not to eat cheese by a psychic when she went for a 30-minute reading in Los Angeles.

Opening up on the dairy omen, she explained: "I went to a psychic reiki woman in LA and she lays you down and dongs things over you.

"She has music playing and she puts her hands over your chakras and everything.

"She's done that for half an hour and I sat up and she went, 'Anne-Marie, all I saw was cheese and then a big X, saying don't eat it'. I was like, 'Thanks. Is that it?'"

However, it turns out the psychic - who did help inspire the songwriter during the rest of the ritual - was close to the mark because the singer is actually vegan.

She added: "Well, I'm vegan, and I obviously can't eat cheese now, but there's some days when I need some Philadelphia, and that happens, and then I get a bad belly.

"That's the Lord Jesus Christ telling me that I shouldn't eat cheese, then she confirmed it, so I scrapped it completely. I'm not doing it, I'm vegan now."