Cody Simpson's new music is inspired by the sober lifestyle he and girlfriend Miley Cyrus have adopted.

The couple began dating last October, following the Slide Away star's split from ex Liam Hemsworth, with the pair reportedly bonded over their similar lifestyles.

Speaking with InStyle Australia, the 23-year-old credited sober living with allowing him to be successful in so many different fields.

"Now, I'm more interested in immersion and feeling good, sharp, open and clear. I found that being sober helps with that a lot," he explained. "I can't say I'm going to do (sobriety) forever or even for the next year. It's just that right now it's what feels good."

The couple inspires each other creatively, with Cody's single Golden Thing a tribute to his girlfriend, and he plans to use Miley, 27, as the inspiration for his upcoming album.

"That's one aspect of the style that you'll be getting on the new record," he said of his upcoming love songs.