The 35-year-old singer/songwriter performed at the music festival in Indio, California in 2018 but when her set clashed with Cardi B's and Jessie was left upset by the show, her mother Lennie thought she should give up music.Buy tickets below.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, Jessie called the set "an absolute Jesus Christ of a shocker" and explained: "I clashed with Cardi B, a phenomenon that year, who was playing on another stage. Our equipment didn't work.

You know how the audience at Coachella is, uh, pretty young? I'm up there, 33 years old, singing about motherhood. It was just… tumbleweed.

"My mum was there with me. Oh, she was honest. She said, 'Darling. Quit'."

Jessie also admitted to losing money on a US tour in 2018 and struggling when her second and third albums were not as successful as her first.

She said: "On the first album, lots of wonderful things happened to me. Then, with album two, album three, I saw a different side. It was a bit more of a struggle. Fine. Nobody owed me anything. It was music, not saving lives. I always thought I'd be quite matter-of-fact about it, if the music didn't work out. But people around me – people I trust – would say: 'You're miserable.'

"And I was – I was angry, slightly bitter, resentful. Which is not what I wanted, or expected, to be.

"I couldn't have my daughter on the tour bus. And I couldn't cancel the tour. She was 18 months old. I was away for three weeks, and it nearly tore me apart. I did the shows. I appreciated everybody who came. But I would look out at the crowd and think, ‘I'm not enjoying myself. I'm away from my family. I'm losing loads of money. So, y'know, this is sh*t.'"

Jessie and her mother present the popular 'Table Manners' podcast together and Jessie admitted that the financial success the show has brought, has helped her to enjoy music again because she is not reliant on it for money anymore.

She explained: "Music was my bread and butter. Now it isn't, not entirely – which has made it more enjoyable. Less do or die."

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