The 29-year-old singer has revealed she underwent an operation to have her tonsils removed earlier this month, and says the recovery process has left her in agony.

But whilst spending time healing from the surgery, Rita has been reflecting on her life, and has taken up painting to pass the time.

Uploading a video to Instagram in which she paints a heart on a canvas in honour of Valentine’s Day (14.02.20), she wrote in the caption: “So these past 2 weeks I under went a Tonsillectomy and let me tell you, it’s no joke. It’s SO painful, but on the plus side it’s given me time to reflect relax and heal. It’s a blessing to be able to heal in peace and put everything into perspective and visualise the rest of your year and what’s coming or what you want to achieve. I am such a believer in setting intentions into the universe as it DOES listen. Also learning new things has always been a obsession of mine. I’m not Monet by any means but I damn sure like some colour. So I made some affordable quick vday cards for the ones I love. happy Valentine’s Day lovers. (sic)”

The ‘Girls’ hitmaker is not thought to be spending her Valentine’s Day with a partner as she’s believed to be single, and recently hit out at those who link her with every man she is spotted with, including her collaborator Liam Payne - with whom she is just "good friends”.

She said: "Of course it annoys me as it doesn't happen to guys. Why don't people assume the guy is with the girl? It is always that girl is with that guy. I have a lot of male friends, a lot of very attractive male friends, and they are my good friends. It doesn't mean you have to be hooking up with them you know.”

Rita believes romance is "faceless and genderless”, and "admires beauty" from both men and women.

She said: "I also admire. I admire beauty from men and women. I see things as faceless and genderless, for me it is about the person."