The country music legend teamed up with the Swedish dance duo - comprised of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow - on the track 'Faith' on their latest album, 'Church', and they admitted Dolly was a bundle of laughs during their recording session.

Christian told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column:
"She is like a stand-up comedian.
"She is very funny and she doesn't hold back at all.
"She was cracking us up.
"You'd never know what was next with Dolly, she has so much energy.
"She is the most uplifting person I have ever been in the studio with.
"There was a joke every two minutes, laughing all the time, and then in the booth singing, it was incredible.
"She is a pure entertainer with so much energy."

The EDM production duo are thrilled to have been at the helm of Dolly's first collaboration outside of country.

He added: "It was a massive honour, knowing she hasn't really done any collaborations outside of country.
"It is amazing to be her first."

Christian recently shared how the 'Jolene' hitmaker was so keen, she started singing lyrics down the phone to the pair.

Christian also revealed that Dolly had no problem with playing a bus driver in the music video for the song - which also features Dutch rapper Mr. Probz - as long as she could create her own ensemble.

He said: "She started to throw ideas and sing, 'What about this, what about that?'.

"I was like, 'Oh my God'. It was unbelievable. She was super-busy but we found a slot.
"For the video we asked if she would be a bus driver in it.

"And she asked, 'Can I design my own clothes?' So she designed her own outfit."

'Church' also features the pair's OneRepublic collaboration 'Bones', as well as John Newman on 'Hurricane', Passion Pit on 'I Found U', and more.

The record experiments with a multitude of genres, including country, folk, gospel and soul, teamed with their signature electronic production.

The uplifting tunes are intended to bring people together.

On the meaning behind the project, the duo shared: "It's important for us to have meaning behind our music.

"'Church' doesn't necessarily refer to a building or specific religion, but instead to people banded together in similar belief for a better humanity.

"Whether it's advocating peace, change, or just lifting each other up - that is our 'Faith' and 'Church.'"