The 45-year-old Irish musician hasn't released any new music since her 2017 LP, 'Life Love Flesh Blood' - which she received guidance on from U2's Bono - but she has kept busy writing over 90 poems and she is just figuring out how she wants to release her art and suggested a tome and EP would be the best way forward.

In an interview with The Irish Post, Imelda - who was recently announced for Kent's Black Deer Festival in June - shared: "I've been writing poetry forever.

"I'm always writing, whether it's music or poetry.
"And I have so much of it, I'm probably going to release a book.
"I've been recording some of it as spoken word set to music, and I'll probably release an EP or something like that.
"I've kind of hidden myself away for the past couple of years and I've been working really hard.
"I've thoroughly enjoyed myself, I just seem to have a huge amount of stuff that I've done.
"[When I hide away and write] nobody has a clue what I'm doing - but [management] asked what I'd been working on ... and I compiled what I was happy with, and I told them I've got about 90 poems and they all nearly fell off the chair.
"I'm at the stage now where I'm continuously writing and hoping to publish it and see what will happen.
"It's a nice adventure for me."

Meanwhile, the 'It's Good to Be Alive' singer previously admitted she would love to collaborate with U2 - but only if she is asked by the band.

Whilst she would love to team up with the Irish rockers on a track, she would only do it if it happened "naturally" as she doesn't want to seem like she is using her friendship with the 56-year-old star to get a number one.

Asked if she'd like to record some vocals for a U2 track, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Of course! I'm not going to hint to Bono. If someone wants me to do it, they would ask, I like things to happen naturally.

"I also think if things are set up they don't work quite as well, so I think if you go with what is naturally in the stars, I don't like to force things to happen.

"If he ever wanted me to sing on a track though, I'd be more than happy to, I think he's absolutely brilliant and the band but I'm not going to force it. I appreciate his friendship, I'm not after a chart topping hit."