The 25-year-old star has admitted that she always ensure she gets plenty of shuteye when she comes off stage and she says noise-cancelling earphones are a "lifesaver" on the tour bus and on planes. Buy tickets below.

She told Stylist magazine: "I'll come off stage, have a shower, a tea - I'll eat before the gig - and get into bed on the tour bus.

"There will be like 12 beds in there so It can get noisy.
"My trick is noise-cancelling earphones.
"Same with planes, I have in-ear Bose ones.
"They are a lifesaver."

Meanwhile, the 'Answerphone' singer - who hits the road for a UK tour this May - looks set to be releasing another collaboration with Sigala.

The pair have collaborated on various tracks together including the platinum-selling 'Came Here for Love' and 2018 hit 'Just Got Paid', and now the DJ-and-producer has spilled that he and Ella have been busy working together in the studio on more music.

When asked if another single from the duo is in the works, Sigala exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Me and Ella are writing together, we are always in the studio together, she lives really close to my studio so she always pops in."
Sigala - real name Bruce Fielder - also revealed that he and Ella have a back catalogue of unreleased music that they already recorded together.

He said: "We have so much music; I think it would be silly not to do another song with her."

Sigala says the secret to their productive studio sessions is that they keep their energy levels up by drinking lots of coffee.

He said: "We always drink lots of coffee, keeps the creative juices flowing!"

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