The 'Monkey Gone to Heaven' group dropped the first part in the series of bonus demo tracks from their seventh studio LP, 'Beneath The Eyrie’, on January 20, and they've now followed it up with 'Caught In A Dream', 'Mal De Mer', and 'Hey, Debussy', all of which were penned by frontman Black Francis.

The previously unheard demos follow the release of ‘The Good Works Of Cyrus’, ‘Please Don’t Go’ and ‘Chapel Hill’, all of which didn't make the cut for the album.

The alternative rock group - which is completed by Joey Santiago, David Lovering, and Paz Lenchancin - will hit the road for the next leg of their world tour on February 24, with dates set for Japan, New Zealand and Australia.
They will then hit Europe and Eastern Europe this summer.

The band will play London's BST Hyde Park on July 10, where they will support Pearl Jam along with White Reaper.
Meanwhile, Black recently admitted he can no longer "justify" making solo records away from the Pixies.

The 'Debaser' hitmaker went solo when the group disbanded in 1993 and though he initially continued working alone when they reunited in 2004, he insisted he did that to "keep proving" himself as a songwriter but now it wouldn't make sense to get into the studio without the band.

He said: "I feel that albums like 'Bluefinger' (2007) and 'Svn Fngrs' (2008) could easily have been Pixies records.

"I felt a degree of frustration but they were a creative outlet and I was able to keep proving to the band that I could still write songs.

"Now with Pixies, we earn a pretty good wage, much more than during our first incarnation.

"I have family, I have kids and tours take me away from them. I couldn't really justify one for some solo record that is probably only going to break even."

'Beneath The Eyrie: Part 2' is out now.