Louis Tomlinson doesn't know if Noel Gallagher even listened to his track 'Walls' before agreeing to having a songwriting credit on it. Buy tickets below.

The One Direction singer recently released his new LP and whilst the 'Black Star Dancing' hitmaker has a writing credit on the track, Louis isn't even sure if Noel has listened to it yet.

Talking to Fleur East on Hits Radio Breakfast, he said: "I don’t even know if he's heard it, but he's signed it off so I'm buzzing."

As a fan of Oasis, Louis would have loved for the estranged siblings - Noel and Liam Gallagher - reunite as he never got a chance to see them perform before their break up in August 2009.

Speaking about the rumours of a reunion, he said: "I feel like there's rumours like every other month. I'd love it. I never got to see them live so as a fan, I definitely would love it."

And asked if the brothers were his dream collaboration, he shared: "Yeah for sure but I always think it will just be a dream, that one."

Meanwhile, Louis previously admitted he was "surprised" when Noel signed off on the approval, which sees him named as a "lyricist and composer" and benefit from royalties made from the song, after he got his permission to lift elements of the Britpop group's classics, 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out', 'Cast No Shadow' and 'Acquiesce'.
He told a fan: "I was surprised when he approved it. Massive respect."

Louis previously revealed he was inspired by Liam Gallagher to bare his soul on the record's track 'Kill My Mind'.

He said: "I don't like being clever for the sake of being clever. Sometimes it's cool to read between the lines. My lyrical style, naturally, is to just be matter of fact, honest and sometimes blunt. I kind of shied away from writing that song because I didn't really think I was ready to go through that process yet. I got into a session and we ended up getting into it, and it was going perfectly. I really did want to write this song, I was just intimidated because it had to be perfect."

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