The self-professed "anti-religious" singer has revealed he became a Druid after studying the spiritual movement - which focuses on a connection to the natural world and is aimed at people who have become disheartened by religion - whilst making his latest solo album, 'Chaos and a Dancing Star'.

The 'Melancholy Rose' singer told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: “I’m anti-religious, but I’m looking for a spiritual aspect to my life to put in where I feel that lacking.

“I sent off for the book and CD about becoming a Druid and a scroll arrived in the post which says: ‘You could become a Druid.’

“And now I’m studying the books about it.”

Marc is an animal lover and even adopted a jackdaw named Dawkins - which he previously admitted he has become "very attached to" - and he explained that the record explores death and nature.

He said: “The songs ­celebrate the idea of returning to Earth.

“Because I’m not religious, I’m writing about the idea of ­nothingness, what will happen when the Earth swallows me up again one day.”

The 62-year-old star - who shot to fame as a member of synth-pop group Soft Cell in the early 80s' - previously described the tracks on the record as "apocalyptic love songs".

He said: "It reflects on mortality and uses a lot of nature references.

"They are apocalyptic love songs.

"I'm getting older and I've always loved cities, but I feel I am drawing away from that now and have a love for getting back to nature."

Marc is a huge fan of TV’s nature programme 'Winterwatch' and also admitted he "likes the idea of dancing around" Stonehenge - a monument in Wiltshire, England, which was built by a group of Celtic pagans (Druids) and hosts the annual summer solstice ceremony - "in robes".

He added: "I feel a calling back to a kind of paganism which started to come through on 'The Velvet Trail' [his 2015 LP].

"I like the idea of dancing around Stonehenge in robes."