One of the women at the centre of Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault trial has been accused of repeatedly lying to the producer in a bid to exploit his Hollywood connections.

Jessica Mann was a hairdresser and aspiring actress when she first met Weinstein at a Los Angeles party back in 2012, and on Friday (31Jan20), she recounted how he had allegedly forced himself on her on multiple occasions after luring her to his hotel suites on the premise of signing her for acting gigs.

She returned to the stand in New York's Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday for cross-examination, during which defence attorney Donna Rotunno repeatedly questioned Mann's actions and motives, having remained in touch with the fallen movie mogul for a few years after she claims she was first attacked in 2013.

Rotunno suggested Mann was the one who actually manipulated Weinstein, and continually "lied" to him, pretending she "wanted to be there" during intimate encounters, as part of her bid to try and get ahead in Hollywood.

"For my safety, yeah," Mann replied, indicating she feared the 67 year old's notorious temper.

Rotunno also highlighted the fact that Mann had changed her phone number on at least five occasions between 2013 and 2017, but still gave Weinstein her new information each time.

"The reason, Miss Mann, is because you still wanted the benefit of what he had to offer," Rotunno declared.

Meanwhile, Mann offered up more graphic details about her dealings with Weinstein, revealing he once asked if she had "ever had a golden shower" - before reportedly urinating on her while they were in the shower at a Los Angeles hotel.

But when Rotunno pointed out that she didn't leave or verbally object to the dirty deed, Mann grew emotional as she insisted, "I was in shock by it. It was gross... I turned into the corner of the shower and just looked away."

She went on to make it clear she "wasn't happy" to engage in sexual encounters with Weinstein, and although some were consensual, when she realised she was "just being used", she tried to avoid being alone with him.

And she claimed she found it tough to simply cut ties with Weinstein: "(I) engaged with my abuser because of what I believed in my mind and the perception of the society I lived in... it was always in my best interest to feel that the temperature gauge between us was going to be OK."

Weinstein stands accused of five felony counts of rape and sexual assault relating to incidents with Mann and production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2013 and 2006.

He has denied the allegations, insisting all sexual encounters were consensual.

Weinstein faces life behind bars if convicted.