Kodak Black's attorneys have accused prison authorities of denying the incarcerated rapper his right to legal counsel and shipping him off to Kentucky without their prior knowledge.

The Zeze MC was sentenced to almost four years behind bars for federal weapons charges in November (19), when he began serving the punishment in a Miami, Florida facility.

However, on Wednesday (22Jan20), he was put on a bus headed for a federal prison in Kentucky - weeks after using his Instagram account to go public with allegations of mistreatment.

The prison move coincided with a press conference held by Kodak's legal representatives in Miami to address the abuse accusations, but attorneys Benjamin Crump, Devon Jacob, and Sue-Ann Robinson only learned of his relocation an hour before the media gathering, during which they claimed they had not been allowed access to their client for weeks.

Revealing they had alerted bosses at the Bureau of Prisons to their press plans outside the detention centre, Jacob said, "They knew we were coming out here, they knew we were doing this today.

"Their refusal to let him see his counsel is, in and of itself, a constitutional violation."

The rapper's mother, Marcelene Simmons, also claimed to have been refused visitation with her 22-year-old son just before Christmas, alleging she was falsely accused of carrying contraband.

"They don't want my son happy," she told the Miami Herald. "That's why they won't let me see him."

Crying during the news conference, Simmons pleaded for help to see Kodak, real name Bill Kapri.

"I want to make sure my son is OK," she said. "I don't want my son to die. If they kill my son, I'll kill myself, too. Please someone help me."

There was some good news for Kodak amid the drama of his prison move - he was given an official release date of 14 August, 2022, according to TMZ.

Kodak has been locked up since May (19), when he was arrested shortly before he was due to perform at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami.

Prior to his Kentucky relocation, he was accused of becoming involved in a fight with another inmate in October (19), when he kicked a guard in the groin while he was attempting to break up the altercation.

The prison official was subsequently hospitalised and had to undergo surgery as a result of the incident.