The Swedish pop star has followed up her 2019 LP 'Sunshine Kitty' with ‘Bikini Porn’ and ‘Passion And Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak’, which arrive just four months after the release of her fourth studio album. Buy tickets below.

On working with Finneas - whose full name is Finneas O'Connell - Tove wrote alongside a clip of the latter track posted on Instagram: "All that good sh** on the table to eat #PassionandPainTastetheSameWhenImWeak
"Out Now @Finneas LOVED writing with you (sic)"

The 'Cool Girl' hitmaker's new music comes ahead of her shows in the UK in March in Glasgow, Manchester and London.

Tove previously explained that her recent material is "more playful and even more vulnerable" than ever.

She said: "'Sunshine Kitty' is a bit more playful and even more vulnerable at times.

"It's a love record, and it's also everything that comes with that; fear, vulnerability, being romantic, naive, happy, sad and all of the feelings you get when you're in that space."

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old star has been dubbed the "saddest girl in Sweden" in the past, but on 'Sunshine Kitty', she realised she had penned songs from a much more "calmer and happier place".

She previously explained: "When I listen to it, I notice there's still quite a lot of sadness there as well. But I think I felt that way because I was writing it from a calmer and happier place.

"I remember I was kind of like, 'How do you write when you're just in a good space?' Like what do you grab your inspiration from?

"But it was cool to see that I don't need to be in chaos to write, and that I don't need to be unhappy to make good songs.

"I've always been quite vulnerable in my songs but I think the difference is there's an acceptance now or like a love for being vulnerable instead of being angry about being vulnerable."

The album featured her dream collaboration with Kylie Minogue, who added vocals to 'Really Don't Like U’.

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