Matthew Crane performed for the 'Cats' star and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn as they enjoyed a romantic break with friends in the beautiful island to mark New Year's Eve.

Revealing what happened, he said: "They were the last group to arrive, so there was no one else on the jetty. I saw this pretty, pretty couple and their friends, and as she walked up from where she got off the boat, I realised who she was - it was Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. She was in a really pretty black sequins dress that went down to her knees. Joe was wearing a nice collared shirt with shorts or trousers, because they were on an island, there was a lot of people wearing smart-casual clothes ... I sang a lot of different songs when they heard me, but it was when I finished singing that they actually stood up and clapped. And they both said simultaneously, 'You've got an amazing voice, that was really good. Well done to you.' And then they walked off to the main event, which was on the other part of the island. And sang a bit later, and Taylor's best friend, Abigail [Anderson Lucier], came up to me said, 'How does that voice come out of that small, young body of yours.' She told me I was brilliant."

And Matthew admits it was "really nice" to get recognition from Taylor for his vocal abilities, revealing it was a very "intimate" event.

He added to E! News: "Being in the Maldives, for one thing, it's an opportunity to sing there. But the most thing was singing to Taylor Swift, and actually getting some sort of praise and recognition. That was really nice ... It was just so intimate. It was me, a dancer and them, so it was strange singing to one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now."