Country superstar Tim McGraw helped to will the NFL's Tennessee Titans to victory on Saturday (11Jan20) by providing the voiceover for a playoff commercial.

The singer discusses what it takes to win in the TV advertisement, which aired ahead of the Titans' playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens this weekend.

"It starts with one goal. A team effort to take it to the next level," he says in the promo, which features footage of the athletes working hard in training.

"But occasionally, the path you need to take isn't the initial route you play in, and although the journey may take an unexpected detour, the destination remains the same."

McGraw goes on to describe how sheer determination and will can help to "blaze a new path... the path to greatness".

"And before you know it, that destination, which seemed unattainable, is within reach," he continues, concluding the commercial by urging the Titans to "take everything".

McGraw appears to have been a good luck charm for the underdog team as the players managed to upset the Ravens, dominating the game 28 to 12 to reach the AFC conference championship game next week (19Jan20).
The winner of that match up will score a place in the Super Bowl on 2 February.

After Saturday's game, McGraw took to Twitter to celebrate the Titans' latest big win - following their previous victory over the 2020 Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots, applauding running back Derrick Henry for leading the team to glory.

He tweeted, "King Henry!!!! #TitanUp".

McGraw wasn't the only Titans fan to bow down to Henry - Kings of Leon rocker Nathan Followill posted, "Titan magic is a real thing people. This is going to be one hell of a ride. On to the next one. All hail King Henry. #TitanUp".