Glastonbury Festival must reduce its noise levels, according to a council report.

The world-famous music festival is one of the UK's most high-profile events - but a local council report has now highlighted as many as nine ways in which it needs to improve when it's staged later this year.

Claire Malcolmson - the group manager for community health at Mendip District Council - said, according to SomersetLive: "The Glastonbury Festival has a worldwide reputation - and as such it means that we have a huge responsibility in ensuring that it undertakes its statutory duties.

"The purpose of the licence, the licensing objectives and other legislation is to ensure event organisers provide a safe event whilst minimising disruption and nuisance to the local community."

The council observed that the 2019 festival had been generally "well-planned and -managed," following the implementation of a series of changes proposed in 2017.

But looking ahead to Glastonbury 2020 - which will star the likes of Taylor Swift and Sir Paul McCartney - the council has focused on noise levels, saying that more must be done to prevent "low frequency noise propagation".

Meanwhile, Michael Eavis - the co-creator of the Glastonbury Festival - previously admitted he's "delighted" that Taylor will headline the upcoming event.

He said: "I'm so pleased to announce Taylor Swift will be headlining the Sunday at Glastonbury 2020. She's one of the biggest stars in the world and her songs are absolutely amazing. We're so delighted."