The former Oasis star supported The Who in the US at the end of 2019, and he says he didn't take issue with fans of the 'My Generation' group who went to get drinks and food whilst he was playing, because he didn't launch a solo career to "make any more fans or money".

The 'Shockwave' rocker - whose UK shows sell out in minutes - admitted: "I'm not doing this to gain any more fans -- I'm here because I wanted to be.

"I knew I wasn't going to make any money -- I'm just here to sell my record.

"So I'm here to do a few tunes because I love The Who and I love Pete Townshend, and I love Roger Daltrey, so it was a bit of a holiday because I was bringing my kids over.

"So if people are eating food or whatever ... a lot of people keep turning up, and if they're sitting there with food in their mouths, it doesn't bother me.

"Even if no one turns up, it doesn't matter, because I'm having a ball out there. So I'm not here for promotion -- I'm here just to have a crack at it."

The 'Now That I've Found You' singer also explained that he prefers singing with his hands behind his back because he can get "more power" out of his voice, whilst he admitted holding a microphone feels weird to him.

Asked why that is his chosen stance, he told Illinois Entertainer: "Because I like it -- I get a bit more power that way.
"It's projection. I've held the microphone a couple of times, and it feels f***ing odd.

"It just doesn't feel right.

"Whereas putting my hands down behind my back so I can just spit into the mike with distaste?

"Now that feels perfect."