British singer Olly Murs has credited his decision to take a break from social media with helping him find love.
The Troublemaker singer, 35, made his relationship with bodybuilder Amelia Tank Instagram official over the New Year, after the pair were first linked in September.

Speaking on U.K. breakfast TV show Good Morning Britain, Olly revealed how taking a break from social media while recovering from a knee operation helped him reconnect with the realities of life and connect with Amelia.

"It was important for me to focus on myself," he said. "During that process I was very fortunate to meet my girlfriend as well. After my operation we got in contact again... I was away from this world of showbiz and just at home."

However, he can't quite believe that a fitness fanatic like Amelia went for him at a time when he was struggling to stay fit.

"I had my hair shaven, I had one leg, a big belly - I don't know why she's with me," the star added.

Olly thinks people should stop spending so much time online if they are struggling in their personal life - as it has done wonders for him.

"If you're having a difficult time, get off social platforms, just for a little while," he mused. "Be in love with the people around you, your friends and family.

"Sometimes we disconnect ourselves from having a normal conversation and opening up about our feelings and we're quite quick to go on a social media platform and write about it. But actually speak to people."