The 28-year-old singer/songwriter effectively pocketed a cool £201,000 per day in 2019 thanks to the 258-date run of shows, which began in March 2017 and came to an end in August 2019, a huge increase on the £17.1 million the star paid himself last year.

According to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, the 'Perfect' hitmaker's company Nathan Cable Touring LLP turned over £114 million in the 12 months to the end of March this year, and the tour took more than £607 million overall.

And with his £73.4 million and £17.1 million payments in the last few years, it means the star has landed more than £90 million from the epic run of gigs, which had a mammoth 14 legs.

The final stage of the tour took place at Chantry Park in Ed's home town of Ipswich this summer when he played four shows before signing off.

It comes after Ed claimed this week that he shed four stone, slimming down from 16 stone to 12 stone, after trolls branded him "fat".

He said: "I never had insecurities and people pointed them out - your brain starts thinking about them.

"It all stems from other people's insecurities. So many people have things they're insecure about so it makes them feel better to point out someone else's.

"Because half the people that would point out that I'm fat are probably fat themselves."

But Ed has admitted he used to eat too much and didn't exercise enough, leading to his pals nicknaming him "Two Dinners Teddy".

He said: "My problem was I'd go to the pub, have bangers and mash, a pie, maybe a pudding and then loads of pints. And then not exercise.

"My friends used to call me Two Dinners Teddy. On tour, it's very easy to drink every single day because there's always someone visiting.

"I had to make a real effort on the tour. I'm 12 stone now. I started running. I've got into cycling as well."