The 'Roll With It' hitmakers disbanded in 2009 amid tensions with the singer and his brother, guitarist Noel Gallagher, but he's not sure how much longer they could have gone on anyway as none of their records were "really great" and they were "just a good band". Buy tickets below.

He said: "I think we could have banged out a good album but... how long were we together? It's like anything, it does become tiresome at some point.

"Noel had calmed his partying down a bit, turned into a bit of a Victor Meldrew, whereas we were all still having it...
"So maybe he'd just had enough and needed a break.

"Y'know, we weren't that f***ing great anyway.

"We were alright, we were better than a lot of s**t out there but we weren't pushing the boundaries, we weren't Pink Floyd or The Beatles.

"We didn't make really great records, we were just a good band."

And the 47-year-old singer doesn't think a lot of Oasis songs have "aged well".

He told MOJO magazine: "I always loved 'Live Forever', 'Champagne Supernova', got a soft spot for 'Supersonic' cos it was the first one and it still sounds pretty good.

"Some of it hasn't aged well - I'll be honest, I hear it some day and I go, 'Turn that s**t off.' Oasis was a moment in time."

While Liam has enjoyed a career resurgence in recent years after going solo, his post-Oasis band, Beady Eye, didn't do so well and he still isn't sure why.

He reflected: "I think some of the songs I wrote in Beady Eye were great. And I think the songs I'm doing now are great as well.

"Maybe it was too soon after Oasis and people needed a breather from me.

"Maybe the name didn't connect. But maybe we just weren't good enough. I dunno.

"I'm not doing anything different. But I'm into cycles and maybe in that four years off, music changed a bit. Maybe it's just luck."

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