The 26-year-old rapper and Maya, 25, split earlier in 2019 - but Stormzy recently addressed their break-up on his track 'Lessons' and they're now said to be texting each other once again.

An insider told The Sun on Sunday newspaper's Biz on Sunday column: "Stormzy has been texting Maya. He knew that he would bring their relationship centre stage again by releasing a track about it, and he felt it was right to reach out."

People close to the high-profile duo remain hopeful that they'll rekindle their romance in the future.

The source added: "Now they are getting on well again, and their close friends are hoping they might give their relationship another chance."

Stormzy recently confessed to having "publicly disrespected" Maya, saying he felt he needed to address the summer split in his music because she deserved a "public apology".

He said: "That's something we shared and it's on a public forum, everything happened so publicly. It was a hot topic and I'm going on record now and I'm apologising.

"I'm trying to lay it all bare and be very truthful and be very clear in my truth. I'm not trying to shy away from it. It was a public disrespect. It was a public disrespect that needed a public apology.

"That girl gave me the world. I will wholeheartedly say that's a phenomenal woman that loved man wholeheartedly and was man's everything. And I disrespected and was inconsiderate - a big disrespect.

"The least I can do is come out and say, come on. I will say it 100 per cent loud and clear that's a brilliant woman - we shared something very deep and she loved me wholeheartedly. And man went out and disrespected."