The former Moloko star's 2005 debut solo album 'Ruby Blue' has been compared to the 17-year-old pop phenomenon's debut album 'When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?' in terms of production, and the 46-year-old star agrees that their music has a special connection.

The 'Incapable' singer also hailed the 'bad guy' hitmaker as an "interesting pop star" and described her songs as "quite high art".

In an interview with, Roisin said: "She's a really good pop star at the moment, anyway - she might let us down, who knows?

"But, at the moment, she's a very interesting pop star.

"The music is actually quite high art.

"It's a total different generation to me, but there are massive connections between the music ... Some people said that it sounded a bit like some of the stuff on the 'Ruby Blue' album in the production side.

"I'm into all the melodies, as well as the weird range of the melodies and things.

"So I feel a connection there - and a kindred spirit."

Despite signing to a major label, 'Ruby Blue' received mixed reviews from critics, with many labelling the difficult to pigeonhole artist a "freak", despite her having a similar eccentric style to pop superstar Lady Gaga, who was climbing the charts.

In hindsight, the Irish singer/songwriter admitted she would have never been able to be easily "moulded" into a pop artist.

Speaking in 2018, she said: "I got reviews at the time saying, 'Why's she not a pop star? Well, look at the sleeve, she's a freak!' Then six months later you've got Lady Gaga wearing exactly the same f**king outfit. I'm sorry, but it's frustrating. But I don't play ball.

"I'm not the kind of human you can mould, because I was moulded already because I came from a strong family."