Bebe Rexha has travelled to her parents' native Albania to visit families affected by the devastating earthquake in the country.

The eastern European nation was hit by a 6.4 magnitude tremor last week, with 51 people killed, 2,000 injured, and 1,400 buildings damaged in the capital of Tirana.

Bebe, whose parents are ethnic Albanians who emigrated to the U.S. from the former Yugoslavia before she was born, pledged to "personally jump off" her tour and help with aid efforts and asked fans to donate to help victims.

On Monday, she revealed on her Instagram Stories page she was now in Albania, and documented her visit to the Musa and Bushi families, whose houses were destroyed in the quake.

She posted a video of the destroyed houses telling her followers the homes are just two of many "unlivable" abodes and must be "torn down and rebuilt from the ground up".

The I Got You hitmaker also posted videos of the tents the Musa family are living in following the destruction of their property and went on to promise that the two families' homes would be rebuilt.

"Keep spreading the word and have your friends donate," the 30-year-old urged fans, alongside images of her comforting victims, with her Instagram page including a GoFundMe page collecting donations.

She also met with Albania's President Ilir Meta, who thanked her on Twitter for contributing to efforts to help rebuild after the disaster.

The Albanian leader wrote: "Many thanks to @BebeRexha for this solidarity, for the concrete help in rebuilding two destroyed houses in Bubq & Biza (Ishem), & above all for raising awareness among the international community to turn their eyes to this tragedy & to cope with this humanitarian crisis."