Comedian Chris D'Elia has checked off a dream meeting with rap idol Eminem after scoring an invitation to the star's studio in Detroit, Michigan.

The Whitney actor came to Eminem's attention earlier this year (19), after he viewed a 2018 video in which the funnyman mocked the hip-hop veteran's style of flow.

The impression was so uncanny, the Lose Yourself hitmaker decided to sample D'Elia's freestyle on his Logic collaboration, Homicide, in May (19), and Eminem recently invited the 39 year old to pay him a visit in his native Detroit.

D'Elia recounted the meeting during an episode of his podcast, Congratulations with Chris D'Elia, and admitted it was "f**king unbelievable", particularly as Eminem greeted the funnyman by mimicking the comedian's impression of the MC.

He recalled, "We show up and Eminem is just sitting there like, 'C'mon in! C'mon in!' We walk into the room and... Eminem stands up and goes like this, (starts mimicking) to me and I'm like, 'K, this is the craziest f**king thing already. He's doing my impression to me of him.'"

Eminem went on to heap praise on D'Elia's viral video, while they spent the rest of their two-hour chat talking about hip-hop and comedy - and the actor is still in awe at how down to earth the reclusive musician is.

"It was so mind-blowing...," D'Elia shared. "In the best way, he was just the most normal, cool guy... He was just a real mature, cool dude... It was just a trip, man..."