Country star Maren Morris poured out her heart about becoming a mother in a new song the moment she discovered she was pregnant.

The singer and her husband, fellow musician Ryan Hurd, announced their happy news last month (Oct19), and the life-changing event immediately gave the Grammy winner the inspiration she needed to pen some new material - starting with the moment she received the results of her positive pregnancy test.

"I wrote a song - I had a co-write (session) the day that I took the pregnancy test," she told Taste of Country Nights. "I couldn't think about anything else, so I have a song that I wrote about it."

"I'm sure there'll be more as I continue writing," she added of working on the follow-up to her hit album, Girl.

Maren has been keeping fans updated on her pregnancy via social media, and recently revealed the couple is expecting a baby boy - even sharing a video from an ultrasound appearing to show the child waving from the womb.
"That was a real thing," she smiled. "It wasn't animated!"

Gushing about watching the footage of her unborn baby, she continued, "The last time that we saw him on an ultrasound, he was like the size of a peanut, so now that we're halfway to my due date, it just feels way more real in a physical sense.

"It was almost like he waved at me, 'Good luck...' It choked us up because it was like, 'Oh my God, he's actually moving in there...' It's a person, and we're just so excited to meet him."

Maren and Ryan, who wed last year (18), are due to welcome their first child in March (20).