Elton John and Peter Gabriel have led a host of stars in paying tribute to legendary British photographer Terry O'Neill.

The snapper, who developed close relationships with some of music's biggest stars, including Elton and the late David Bowie, passed away on Saturday after a battle with prostate cancer. He was 81 years old.

Praising Terry as a photographer and a friend, Elton tweeted: "Terry O'Neill took the most iconic photographs of me throughout the years, completely capturing my moods. He was brilliant, funny and I absolutely loved his company."

He continued: "A real character who has now passed on. RIP you wonderful man. Love, Elton xx."

Genesis rocker Peter wrote in a statement on his website that he was "very sad" to learn of the revered photographer's death, writing that he helped "define the sixties".

Sharing a story that showcased Terry's talents, he wrote: "When I told him I wanted to be shot, smoking a cigarette under-water, he was not in the least phased.

"He found a place in London - an old seventies disco with coloured lights and a mini pool in the centre of it, which I'm sure they would fill with scantily dressed young ladies in a very non-PC Hefner way. I jumped into this pool to get filmed, only to discover that the lights had shorted and received quite a shock."

The Sledgehammer hitmaker concluded: "He knew how to get the best out of his subjects and his shots and leaves behind some extraordinary work."

Other stars he captured on film who paid tribute to the late photographer included Barbra Streisand, The Who, Spandau Ballet, and Billie Jean King. A number of contemporary stars, including Niall Horan and Aaron Paul, also tweeted their admiration for his work.