Sharon Osbourne lashed out at music blogger Bob Lefsetz over his coverage of husband Ozzy Osbourne's latest single and career.

The feisty music mogul, who is also the Black Sabbath rocker's manager, slammed Bob, author of the Lefsetz Letter and a former Variety columnist, as a "typical L.A. brown nose", after he wrote a less-than-favourable review of Ozzy's new track, Under the Graveyard.

"You've been pretty disrespectful whenever you've mentioned (Ozzy) in the past," Sharon penned. "In the past when you have tried to write about British music from the 70s, 80s & 90s you've always got it wrong...

"As for Ozzy and Black Sabbath, you don't understand the music, you don't understand the culture and now are only writing about Ozzy now to try and be hip because you've heard his new album is going to be a landmark album for him."

Telling the journalist to, "Keep writing about the people in L.A. whose a*ses you are so far up your eyes are brown," she added, "If you mention millennials one more f**king time I'm going to puke!"

However, Bob hit back in a subsequent email response, calling Sharon a "self-hating meeskite" and taking aim at the couple's marriage.

"So Ozzy cheats on you. Yup, I've got my sources," he fired. "I didn't print this confidential information before it became public because my word is my bond."

Sharon previously opened up about Ozzy's infidelities in 2017, saying: "There wasn't just one woman; there were six of them."

The Talk host's response has not yet been published.