Kelly Osbourne says appearing on ‘The Masked Singer’ helped her “find” herself again following two years out of the spotlight.

The 35-year-old television personality took part in the singing competition - which sees stars cover themselves in a head-to-toe costume to compete anonymously whilst a panel of judges evaluate their performance, and try to guess their identity - and was eliminated on Wednesday (13.11.19) during week six of the show.

And despite being booted from the series, Kelly has said she enjoyed taking part, because it was a “great way” for her to step back into the limelight after taking time away from her career to “fix what was broken” in her life.

She said: "I did the show because I took two whole years off. I've never done that with my career. To take that time off and fix what was broken, and get sober and now be the new me, but have to be the new me behind the mask was a great way to kind of step back into the limelight again.”

Kelly previously appeared on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ - where she placed third with professional partner Louis van Amstel - back in 2009, and although the experience was “life-changing”, she thinks ‘The Masked Singer’ has had a “similar” impact on her life.

She added: “'Dancing With the Stars’, I will always say was the most life-changing experience I have ever had. Having that experience still makes me emotional. This was, in a different way, a very similar experience, in the sense that, I found myself again doing this show.

"It did make me realise that I still do want to do TV. Doing the show made me realise that I can [still do TV] and that I am worth doing it and I shouldn't give up with what I've worked so hard for.”

The ‘Osbournes’ star also admitted that whilst she told her mother Sharon Osbourne and her brother Jack Osbourne that she was taking part in the show, the family decided to keep things a secret from famous father Ozzy Osbourne.

Speaking during an appearance on ‘The Talk’ on Friday (15.11.19), she said: "He found out yesterday. So when he watched last night, he was so shocked and excited about it. We knew that if he knew, it would be like the town crier.”